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Shenzhen Design Week Day 2-Photo Tour of the Main Venue, Shekou i-Factory

At the main venue on the second day of the first Shenzhen Design Week-Shekou i-Factory, crowds of young faces are wandering around, vitalizing this old glass factory. It is a pleasure that this event can bring Shenzhen young generations who are keen on design together, to know Shenzhen and each other through design.

2017-04-25 16:50:49

As an important project of the Implementation Measures for Shenzhen’s Cultural and Innovative Development by 2020, the first Shenzhen Design Week has attracted countless of visitors since its opening ceremony at Shekoe i-Factory on April 21. Visitors can broaden their horizon through exhibitions like“Design.Future”which showcase local and foreign excellent design products or they can experience interesting interactive activity. 

Shenzhen is the first stop of the “China Good Design Award” 2015-2016 Winner Exhibition, now presenting in i-Factory. According to the concept“Avenue to Success”. the curator teams picked around one hundred pieces from “China Good Design Award” winners and showcase them together with winning entries of “Red Dot Design Award: Design Concept”.

Chen Hao-yang, curator, said that winning entries of 2015 and 2016’s “China Good Design Award”tried to provide solutions to problems in Chinese daily life. Their creativity and effort are not only professional, but also in-depth. Artists tried to solve problems like cultural and materialistic consumption by transforming outstanding design products to basic products and by creative design to change the dull visual environment. Design allows Chinese to maintain comfortable oriental living style under intensive competition caused by globalization. 

Last year, Shenzhen and Hong Kong signed “Cultural and Creative Industry Cooperative Agreement”and successfully co-organized the second  SZ-HK Design Biennale. This year, well-known designers from Shenzhen and Kong showcase their joint-works at the i-Factory. The works discuss methods to enhance creative culture in both regions, particularly communications and cooperation.

Exhibitions of Shenzhen Design Week are diversified and international, for example, Global "Cities of Design" Exhibition invited estimately 10 other Cities of Design, namely Detroit, Torino, Montreal, Dundee, Saint-Étienne, Beijing and Shanghai, etc. Each City of Design recommends 3 to 5 representable outstanding designers to participate the exhibitions. Shenzhen designers and residents can appreciate the collections from all around the world within Shenzhen. 


“Global High-end Dialogue: Design for the Future”was held at Shekou i-Factory yesterday. David Grossman, president of International Council of Design, Luisa Bocchietto, president-elect of World Design Organization, and Frank Peters, Chief Executive of Chartered Society of Designers delivered keynote speeches on topics like “globalization” and “sustainability”.

Design Experience Centre has launched under the theme “Continuity.Circulation.Future”, covering pop-up stores for design brands, art lectures and themed exhibitions, etc. The aim of setting up Design Experience Centre is to highlight the experience and interaction of exhibitions from the perspective of citizens. Activities adopt the experiential mode of exhibition so that design crosses beyond concept and becomes attainable to citizens.

"Here is Zine, Here is Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shenzhen " exhibitions are sponsored by Shenzhen Design Week Secretariat, organized by Shenzhen INTOX Design and Communication, co-organized by City of Design Shenzhen and initiated by Shenzhen Fringe.70 cross-over artists from Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Tokyo were invited to create their personal and unique works without any constraints. Cities’ characteristics can be reflected and urban living further inspires creation. Audience can observe how the city artists live in would affect their creation. 

On Apr 26, the design activities organized by Dovie about recycling and recreating devices would kick off, in which general public can create design works. 

As one of the important exhibitions in Shenzhen Design Week, “Design.Future: Design for the Future” Exhibition, there is an apparent increase in traffic. Zhu De-cai, one of the curators, Creative Director of INTOX and Shenzhen Fringe, introduced the four themes of the exhibition: “Education, Mobility, Living and Communication” Leaded by two mainstreams, “Design the Future” and “Design for Future”, Shenzhen Design Week collects global excellent and far-sighted products and cases, discovers the local design power and seeks for the multiplicity and possibility of future urban life. (Picture: queue awaiting entrance to the Design Future Exhibition)