Shenzhen Global Design Award Launch Ceremony

A design competition, the Shenzhen Global Design Awards (SDA)will be organized in parallel with the Design Week, with a different focus each year. The focus for the inaugural Shenzhen Global Design Awards is industrial and product design. All entries for Design Week are eligible to enter this competition to compete for the total prize of one million USD. Designers from around the world can enter by registering on the official website

2017-02-22 10:11:04


2017-04-21 - 2017-04-21


Lecture Hall, Nanshan Museum, Nanshan District, Shenzhen


The Shenzhen Global Design Award(SGD) is held by Shenzhen Design Week Committee, organized by Shenzhen City of Design Promotion Association, and co-organized by international professional organizations such as ico-D.

The award aims to find excellent design works and influential designers with cutting-edge vision, creativity and motivation, and reward the elites. Meanwhile, it encourages the communication and cooperation between global designers, boosts the development of industrialization of creative design and promotes creative design concept. Besides, it also attracts global outstanding designers to join the Shenzhen design projects.

The first s SGD shares the same theme with Shenzhen Design Week: “Design For the Future.” Participants can apply for the award by individual or in teams, which mainly targets at industrial product design. The total prize reaches US$1 million, including one grand prize that is worth US$200,000 dollars, two golden prizes, four silver prizes and 10 bronze prizes.

,  SGD together with its detailed rules and regulationswill be launched during the first Shenzhen Design Week . According to the plan, the judging procedure will be finished  by the end of the year, and award ceremony will be held at the second Shenzhen Design Week next year.