AGI CHINA Exhibition

With the theme clues of “Up and Down, East and West, Domestic and Foreign, Ancient and Modern, Front and Rear, Left and Right, South and North, Large and Small”, the exhibition gathers this group of internationally influential Chinese graphic designers, selects the classic works by AGI China’s members in different eras, and collects the most influential design events and cases of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing and so on, in a bid to present a unique perspective of the rich and diverse development of modern Chinese graphic design.

2018-04-12 10:34:08


2018-04-20 - 2018-04-30


Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art and Museum of Urban Planning


With the recovery of the world economy after World War II, global graphic design also developed rapidly, and the most active regions included Europe (Switzerland, France and so on) and the United States. Against this background, a group of most internationally influential designers united to establish the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) in 1952. In Asia, Japan, which was occupied by the United States after the war, experienced the strongest cultural shock since the Meiji Restoration, and gradually became one of the fastest growing areas in graphic design. At the same time, Hong Kong started in the early 1960s and began to be influenced by Western modern design trends, following the world’s steps in graphic design. Hong Kong’s graphic design in the 1960s should be regarded as one of the most important sources of the development of contemporary Chinese graphic design.


Since the 1980s, the tremendous economic changes in Chinese society have been an important opportunity for the development of Chinese graphic design in terms of space and time. Against this background, China’s graphic design forces are emerging, who are deeply involved in China’s commercial and cultural innovation and keep shining on the international design stage. By April 2018, 37 designers from China have joined the AGI. They are important representatives of the Chinese design circle in different years, who have jointly promoted the convergent development of the Chinese language design and the commercial society, demonstrated the charm of Oriental design on a global scale, and spread Chinese culture, Chinese characters and design language to the world.


With the joint efforts of the Shenzhen Design Week and AGI China, the AGI China Exhibition will be a special exhibition unit in this year’s design week. With the theme clues of “Up and Down, East and West, Domestic and Foreign, Ancient and Modern, Front and Rear, Left and Right, South and North, Large and Small”, the exhibition gathers this group of internationally influential Chinese graphic designers, selects the classic works by AGI China’s members in different eras, and collects the most influential design events and cases of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing and so on, in a bid to present a unique perspective of the rich and diverse development of modern Chinese graphic design. The classic designs of these typical Chinese designers focus on the professional development of Chinese graphic design and its profound impact on Chinese society’s aesthetics and daily life.